>Scuba diving Open Water Certification acquisition course near from Tokyo/BIG BLUE NET DIVING Co

Scuba diving license acquisition course

Get a CMAS 1stare Scuba diving license for 2days!!

Experience scuba diving


*if you cant't find a day whichi you want,write the day under the box on application form. *you don't need to select the day which continued.
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You have to choice BIG BLUE!

Fast and cheap!

You can study free on internet! we have free textbook on internet so, you can do it anytime anywhere.
After that you will go to the ocean just 2days,you can choose daytrip or stay .
*We need 2weeks to issue license.
If you need a licence before 2weeks when you done the class of ocean,we can help you add \3500.

Good place!

You can choose metting place from 3.
●BIG BLUE Clubhouse in Kanagawa · Yamato City near from Tokyo(8:00)
We have club-house and you can stay here when you come to diving.
Club-house is easy to come by train,nearest stathion Turuma is 50minute from Shinjyuku (near from Tokyo).
There have car space for 5 .
◆BB Club-House Introduction Video 
◆BB Club-house Location Video  
◆BB Club-house map link
●Izu JR Numazu Station (AM10: 00)
◆Numazu station meeting place (JR Numazu station south exit) Information video  
●Local Osezaki or Hirasawa Marine (AM11: 00)
(we practice heare!)
Osezaki is very populer diving place. There has calm and sallow sea and meny fishies! So meny diver is comming to enjoy scuba diving.
◆Nishiizu Osezaki, Shizuokai scuba diving facility introduction video  
◆Introduction of tourism in Nishiizu Osezaki, Shizuoka video  

We have achievement!

since 1994,we issue 2000 license!
We can issue CMAS 1ster license to instructor license.

We have Clubhouse!

◆Osezaki performing a scuba diving licensing course (Experience diving is also Nishiizu Osezaki, Shizuoka) Video  
◆Nishiizu Osezaki, Shizuoka scuba diving facility introduction video  
◆Introduction of tourism in Nishiizu Osezaki, Shizuoka video  

Oceasezaki performing a Scuba diving Open Water Certification acquisition course (Experience scuba diving is also Osezaki)

The ocean where the experiential diving is performed is hardly affected by the waves. I will do it in Osezaki where we can also swim in the summer.

Our clubhouse is full of facilities and 5 garages

Accommodation is OK! BIGBLUE clubhouse in Kanagawa · Yamato city is like this!

Oceasezaki scuba diving facility introduction video(near from Tokyo)

We will use this facility at sea

West Izu (Nishi Izu) diving sites Osezaki (大瀬崎)

Izu · Ozesaki is like this!

How to access BIG BLUE Clubhouse(near from Tokyo)

Scuba diving license lecture video at La la la Sun Beach

The reason that A child decided to obtain a diving license at Izu is ....

Jacuzzi & hot shower after diving (parties store Sunrise Ose)

JR Numazu station meeting place (JR Numazu station south exit))





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